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Please submit additional scores for consideration by January 20, 2018. Scores may be emailed to

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 General Guidelines

1. The DDC Award year is December 1st through November 30th. The deadline for submitting scores to the awards chair is December 10th of the award year. It is the rider’s responsibility to confirm receipt of any scores submitted via email or regular mail with the awards representative by the December 10th deadline. Scores may be submitted in the following format:


The front of the test score sheet must include rider name, horse name, show name, show US Equestrian Federation recognition number, date, test, score, and judge’ s name. Information must be legible for the score to count. 


For example, print of USDF Score Check- ( may be submitted for rider/horse scores from USDF website.

2.  Eligible scores must be 55% or higher and received at US Equestrian Federation recognized dressage shows or unrated dressage schooling shows per USDF awards guidelines. Scores must be from a USDF L-program graduate or US Equestrian Federation rated dressage judge.  Scores must be from the current USDF, US Equestrian Federation or F.E.I. dressage tests. 

3. Only one score may be counted per ride. For rides that have 2 or more judges (i.e. FEI or championship classes), only the average of the scores may be submitted. 

4. Riders must have volunteered at least 4 hours at any DDC activity or event in the past award year. Volunteer certificates are obtained from the Volunteer coordinator and MAY be transferred to another person.  The volunteer certificate must be submitted along with the eligible award scores by the December 10th deadline.

5. Dallas Dressage Club will maintain a database of scores for Dallas Dressage Club recognized and schooling shows. 

Riders are responsible for reviewing scores and ensuring that data is correct. Corrections must be requested by submitting the front of the test score sheet to DDC’s Awards Chair prior to January 20, 2018 deadline.

Horse/Rider Awards

These awards are designed to reward Dallas Dressage Club horse/rider combinations for their performance excellence during the award year at US Equestrian Federation Recognized and Schooling Shows.


1. Rider must be a DDC member in good standing on the date of the rides.

2. The horse and rider are considered a team for each level of competition.

3. Rider must have completed at least 4 volunteer hours at any DDC activity or event as delineated above.

4. Recognized Shows:  Training through Fourth Levels


                                  Freestyle 1st- 4th levels and FEI Freestyle.          

5. Schooling Shows:  Introductory through Fourth Levels

                               Western Dressage

                               Driving Dressage                       

6. Divisions: JR/YR

                   Adult Amateur




1. Introductory through Fourth levels: The horse/rider team must submit four (4) scores from at least two (2) different competitions from at least two (2) different judges.  

At least one of the four scores used to calculate placing must be from a non-breed restricted dressage show or class.

 At least one of the four scores must be from a DDC show.

Tests that do not count for DDC year end awards: USEF and FEI 4,5, and 6 year old tests or Paraequestrian.

2. FEI Levels: The horse/rider team must submit three (3) scores earned from at least two (2) different competitions from at least (2) different judges. 

The following awards will be given: 

One from Intermediare 1 and Prix St. George

One from and Intermediare 2 and Gran Prix.

FEI Pony will be considered equivalent to Second Level

FEI JR will be considered equivalent to Third Level

FEI YR will be considered equivalent to PSG

At least one of the three scores must be from a DDC show.

3. Freestyle 1st-4th Levels and FEI Freestyle: The horse/rider team must submit three (3) scores earned at three (3) different competitions from three (3) different judges.

At least one of the three scores must be from a DDC show.




A rider’s highest three or four eligible recorded scores will be used to compute the average percentage and rankings per level/division.


All year-end awards will be presented at the Dallas Dressage Club Annual Banquet as follows:

Champion and Reserve Champion horse/rider at each level/division.

3rd through 6th place horse/rider at each level division

70% Club Award

 1.    Must be a member of DDC in good standing at the time the test is ridden and scores are recorded.

2.    At least one score of 70% or 70%+ must be obtained at a DDC Recognized or Schooling Show.

3.    Scores will be accepted for Introductory Level through Grand Prix, Freestyle, JR/YR Tests and Western Dressage Tests.

4.    One pin will be awarded for each Horse/Rider Combination per year.

DDC Awards Program 2016



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